About Us

We are a family owned and operated business serving Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati and surrounding areas. We specialize in events of all sizes, inside and out, including corporate events, schools, churches, family reunions, birthday parties, etc. If you love fun, music and animals, let us help you plan an event that everyone will remember.

For several years, we've had the honor of performing the "Animal Fun 101" music show on B&B Riverboats. The Bernstein family allows us to bring our animal show aboard their beautiful riverboats to entertain children and adults on an hour long cruise.

Mr. Cowpie's goal is to plant the seeds in children, in a fun way, to appreciate animals. Then, if they like them, they will protect them. He believes what we learn as children, we take into the future, and the future of our conservation efforts depends on this. Please read Mary Kathryn Dickerson's article in Landscapes on Mr. Cowpie (Doug Gehner) being chosen as Outstanding Cooperator of the Year for 2006.

Mr. Cowpie

For More Information, please call 859-635-7552!