Event Planning

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Instructions for Promoting Virtual Events

Events on campus can be presented using various online platforms. Virtual events will be displayed on and  Ship Events.

Hosting an Event

If you are hosting a virtual event intended for an open campus audience, schedule your virtual event at  . Your requests display after being reviewed and published by an approver.

If you have any questions concerning your event requests please contact an Approver.

Approving Event Promotion

2020年欧洲杯时间表There are event approvers for various campus areas. Those individuals will review and publish your submitted requests to the calendars.

Event with Room Reservation

Any event to be held in a Shippensburg University physical space must be scheduled via the Event Management System   Events designated as "post on public" in EMS will be displayed on  and Ship Events.


  • All requests for event planning must be submitted at least two-weeks prior to the date of the event (unless otherwise noted on the form).
  • Requests not submitted at least two-weeks prior to the date of the event may not be honored and could require a late fee and/or reimbursement of overtime expenses incurred to fulfill requests not meeting the required submission time.
  • Please note that the submissions of requests are requests and not a guarantee.  You should receive a confirmation of approval/denial from the appropriate department.
  • This site was created to aid Shippensburg University staff, faculty and administrators in event planning.  This site is not intended for use for non-Ship employees.

 Instructions for Using EMS to Request Space

Planning Resources

From reserving a room for a small meeting to planning an event for hundreds of people with catering, extra security, additional custodians, and room set-up Planning Contacts2020年欧洲杯时间表 can aid you through the process.  

Additional Resources